Back in Charleston!

Well, we’re back in Charleston as of late Tuesday night!  We’re busily running around making all the final arrangements.

It’s been rainy on and off — you might have heard about some flooding in downtown Charleston due to the edges of Tropical Storm Isaac!  Well, we’re happy to report that the floodwaters receded quickly (most shops were open the next day, though a few were still running their wet-dry vacs), and that all of that mess took place several miles from the beach, the weding venue, and the hotels.  So, no worries, and do feel free to visit downtown if you’re interested in the shopping, dining, etc!

Saturday (Beach Day!) sounds like it’ll be nice and sunny, and while Sunday might have a thunderstorm, it should be mostly clear as well.  Yay!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone!

Our Engagement Story

Just for fun, here’s the story of how Reed proposed to Jessica!

On a sunny Sunday in October, Reed ran out early in the morning to take care of some kind of errand.  Jessica had a feeling that something was afoot, because she had come across some unintentional hints earlier in the week, but she had no idea exactly what Reed was up to.  He was actually out dashing around, leaving clues for Jessica to follow on treasure hunt!

The first clue

After the first few clues were laid, Reed called Jessica and directed her to the starting clue in the house.  The clues were written on origami paper cubes, and had ridiculous little poems on them like this:

On the edge of the wood, at the Centre of Towne
Not far from the large bird that has settled down
Is the Mart with one letter (and probably a wino)
You’ll find your next clue beside a Blue Rhino

A clue by a tree in Frick Park

This clue, for example, led Jessica to a “Blue Rhino” propane tank refilling station at a K-Mart (next door to the Giant Eagle grocery store) in the Edgewood Towne Centre strip mall near our house — how romantic!  (There did indeed happen to be a wino lurking around the parking lot, but Jessica had the good sense to not ask him for anything.)

The trek led Jessica all over town, including a stop at a coffee shop where Reed was hanging around… but only to share a coffee-break, as the barista delivered Jessica’s coffee along with another clue.

After a trip up Pittsburgh’s Monongahela Incline, Jessica finally reached the end of the trip at the overlook on Mount Washington, where Reed proposed.  A friendly couple with a camera was on-hand to capture the moment!

Here’s how to fold your own cube… and if you’re playing the QR Game, you might want to try making this one!