Our wedding and reception venue

Lighthouse on the Creek

  • Friday, August 31
    • Many folks will be arriving this day
    • General activities: relaxing on the beach and/or visiting downtown Charleston
    • Feel free to get a hold of us to see what’s up!
  • Saturday, Sept. 1
    • Many more folks will be arriving this day
    • Morning & Early afternoon:  Chill out on the beach, by the pool, do touristy stuff, etc.
    • All day: Photo scavenger hunt!  Details to come
    • Noon – 4pm: We have reserved space underneath the Isle of Palms VFW post.  This is located immediately next door to the Seaside inn on Isle of Palms. (See the map page.)
    • 12:30pm: Lunch at the VFW Post! Marilyn (Reed’s mom) will be hosting a come-as-you-are lunch underneath the VFW post next door to the Seaside Inn.  We hope you will come join us! (See the map page.)
    • Late afternoon, evening:  More relaxing on the beach and in & around Charleston.   We’ll send out info for places to meet up for dinner, drinks, etc., for those interested.
  • Sunday, Sept. 2
    • Wedding day!
    • Morning & early afternoon:  Even more opportunities to relax by the ocean, pool, or civil war historical site of your choosing
    • 4pm: Shuttles leave for the ceremony and reception venues
    • 5pm – 10pm:  Wedding ceremony (at 5pm) and reception, to be held at the Lighthouse on the Creek. (See the map page.)  A cocktail hour, and a reception with dinner, drinks, and dancing, will follow immediately.
    • Following dessert, shuttles will be available to take people back to their hotels.
  • Monday, Sept. 3
    • Labor Day!
    • Some more time to enjoy the beach and local surroundings; many people departing this day.
  • Tuesday, Sept 4
    • Reed and Jessica are returning to Pittsburgh this day.

We look forward to seeing you!

N.B. Jessica and Reed will arrive in Charleston on Tuesday, August 28th.  Nobody else should worry about arriving this early.

2 thoughts on “Agenda

  1. Here is my families toast to the two of you on your wedding day and all the days of your life may you remember laughter as I say


    May you lives be filled with
    HA Happiness
    HO Hope
    HO Honesty
    HAR Harmony
    HUM Humility
    and most importantly . . .
    Hum HUMOR

    So her’s to Reed & Jessica . . .

    HA HO HO HAR HUM HUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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